Our Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth

In certain occasions such as school events or reunions, an open air booth can be the perfect option. One of the best things is that it can cover more area than a classic booth does, meaning it can capture more people in a single photograph. This is an open-space booth with no curtain at the door and it does not even have walls. As the name suggests, open air both is just a box of photo booth, but custom design and template certainly do their jobs very well to provide the necessary backdrop. Open air booth is available in all packages including the most affordable Bronze package.

Inflatable Photo Booth

Our newest photo booth setup.

Party Photo Booth

It is a combination of classic and open air; it is big enough for many people to use, but it has enclosures for better privacy concerns. The last thing you want at your party is to bore your guests, and a party booth is certainly one of the best ways to avoid that. When you can provide all kinds of excitement and entertainment at a party, it is best to let the guests have something as a remembrance of the party. A photo booth can be used all the time before the duration of the hire is up. It can be difficult to give away the pictures to all your guests; of course you can do this by sharing online, but it probably takes time. Big Hugs will upload all the images to an online gallery, meaning you don’t have to do the hassles, and everyone can have more copies, as many as they want. Uploading to online gallery comes with no additional fee.

Classic Photo Booth

This is the most common type of booth which you probably see very often in amusement parks, art galleries, restaurants, or even bars. Unlike those traditional boxes, however, Big Hugs’ classic Photo Booth is not simply designed to capture your images, but it also provides comfort with spacious room and cushioned seat. Let us not forget that the box is enclosed, meaning everybody can pose in any style they can without being shy. Classic Photo Booth is available on Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, and you can have the captured images optimized with custom graphic design without additional charge. It is worth mentioning that online gallery is available for free as well.

Greenscreen Photo Booth

Do you dream of sending photos from exotic destinations around the world? What about sending snapshots of you posing in front of some of the wonders of the world? Now you can – without ever leaving Chicago! Big Hugs Photo Booth revolutionary and portable green screen technology uses the same green screen magic as Hollywood to place you in whatever setting you desire. We give you the same quality prints and service as our competitors for a better price and with more image options. With our unique digital photography devices and printing technology, your photos can be customized and optimized better than you ever thought possible. Let Big Hugs Photo Booth make your photo dreams come true today!